Sunday Sights

St. James’s Park

Every Sunday I’m posting a photograph of an iconic building, location or view in London. As a tour guide, I take great pleasure in showing these world famous sights to visitors and this weekly blog series will serve as a virtual extension of my guided walks.

StJamesParkfebAlthough located right in the middle of London, I must shamefully admit I don’t visit St. James’s Park as often as I should. Sandwiched in between Buckingham Palace and Whitehall, this Royal Park is very picturesque and a testimony to the skills of its landscaper, John Nash. A spot popular with tourists, this photograph was taken from the famous Blue Bridge which offers splendid views over many iconic London landmarks.

Fun fact: Did you know that you can see the pelicans getting fed every day at 2:30pm? These large water birds have been a staple of the park since a Russian ambassador gifted them to King Charles II in 1664.

Yannick Pucci is an independent tour guide and founder of London Unravelled. All his public walks can be found on EventBrite and you can also follow his adventures on Twitter.