Whimsical Wednesday

The Goddess of the Hunt

Every Wednesday I’m posting a photograph which highlights the whimsical nature of London. As a tour guide, I get to see a lot of astonishing things while researching my walks and I will use this blog series as a means of sharing these sights with you.

dianagreenparkI always love coming across this sculpture of Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt, as the sun is setting down. Unveiled to the public in 1954, this statue of a Roman deity was created by the British sculptor Estcourt J. Clack and can be found just outside Green Park Tube Station. Emphasizing her lithe body and dramatic hand gesture, this silhouetted view imbues the artwork with an intricate sense of life.

Yannick Pucci is an independent tour guide and founder of London Unravelled. All his public walks can be found on EventBrite and you can also follow his adventures on Twitter.