Piccadilly & Petit Fours Tour

Get your sweet treats from where the Royal Family shops!

‘The calories really don’t count when you’re on a walking tour!’ – Words of wisdom from Angie Silverspoon.

_DSC0782Sandwiched in between aristocratic Mayfair and royal St. James’s, Piccadilly has always been nestled at the forefront of taste and tradition. From French macarons to Japanese ‘wagashi’ confectionery, my new (and gluten-free) ‘Piccadilly & Petit Fours‘  food tasting tour explores the history of London’s most iconic thoroughfare while sampling some of the most delicious sweet treats this prestigious area has to offer.

_DSC0737Alongside tasting the Queen’s favourite chocolates and other sugary delights (all included in the tour price), this walk will unravel stories about the royal connections of St James’s and the grand mansions of Mayfair. From the smallest public square in Britain to a cobbled stable yard studded with bijou mews houses, our exploration will also take in one of London’s oldest wine shops as well as feature a visit to one of the capital’s most famous food emporiums. As we go along, see how many royal warrants you can spot along the way …

Following in the footsteps of my popular ‘Macarons & Mews‘ walk, this brand new food tasting tour adopts a similar concept: exploring the hidden corners of an iconic London area while visiting the location’s sweet(est) hotspots. Or, as LastMinute.com once so simply described the vibe of the walk, ‘sample sweet treats with a little lesson in history’.

Come join me for this exquisite foodie adventure and enjoy la dolce vita – the London way!


All photos used on this page, except otherwise stated, were taken by Travelling Dave.


For a little taster (or morsel) of the tour, let the following quotations entice you to join the walk some time soon. (Click on the titles of the features to be taken to the whole article.)

2015-08-02 15.57.33

Exploring the shopping arcades of Piccadilly. (Credit: Michelle Francis from Scratch London.)

‘Yannick guides you through parts of London which I can almost guarantee you won’t have seen before. […] You’ll find lots of photogenic little corners of London, arcades and shop windows, so make sure that you charge your camera. If you fancy a slightly different tour of London you really should give it a go, whether you’re a tourist or a Londoner, I think it’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon.’ – @cookesarah

‘On a fine Sunday afternoon, the kids and I decided to wander into central London for a walking tour involving history and sweet treats. […] We had a really good time! The tour was fairly fast-paced even though the area around St. James’s London is pretty small. I discovered all these random side passages to get between places. In addition, there were enough snack breaks and interesting historical anecdotes to keep my kids interested.’ – @justgo_places1


‘Years ago I worked around this area in London and never once ventured into the little alleys or side streets that we followed Yannick down. One moment we were in Green Park and the next in a tiny little street with a luxury hotel tucked in the corner. […] I love Yannick’s tours as they’re informative, funny and you leave with a full tummy.’ – @80pairsofshoes

‘Yannick is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to culture and history but he kept us on our toes as he shared his pearls of wisdom by dropping hints and clues about what was to come. […] Even if you think you know London well, trust me, this tour will surprise you. […] The tour went a long way towards reminding me of the wonderment and beauty buried deeper within [London’s] corners.’ – @WWannualleave


‘I never would have known where the scotch egg was invented, how Piccadilly got it’s name or that champagne makes great shoe polish if it wasn’t for Yannick’s wonderful knowledge of the quirky side of London. Every time I meet Yannick he teaches me something new and I would highly recommend the ‘Piccadilly and Petit Fours’ tour.’ – @SilverSpoonLDN

Tour Details

_DSC0710 2This tour is aimed at seasoned Londoners as well as tourists who are looking for their sugar rush to come with a historical slant. A perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, this gluten-free walk can also be booked as a private tour for birthdays, weddings or any other special occasions.

The meeting point for this tour is by the Diana fountain (see the picture on the right), just outside Green Park Tube Station (Jubilee Line, Piccadilly Line and Victoria Line). If you are coming by London Underground, follow the ‘Green Park Buckingham Palace‘ signs outside of the station. The route for this walk is circular and finishes close by Green Park Tube Station. While the length of the tour is advertised as 2.5 hours, please note slight delays might occur as we will be visiting shops during regular working hours.

Including 5 sweet tastings, the tour costs £15 per person and tickets are available for purchase on Eventbrite. All pricings for private group tours are available upon request.


If you have any further questions about the tours or if you would like to organise a private walk, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me either via my Contact Page or email me directly at: yannick.pucci@gmail.com. I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram where I’m always up for a chat too.


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