Telephone Box Tour

London Calling

‘You won’t be able to stop seeing telephone boxes after this tour!’

Everything you always wanted to know about phone boxes but were afraid to ask!


A row of five listed telephone boxes located in the West End.

Have you always been curious to learn more about the history behind London’s red telephone boxes? From Sir John Soane to Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (who designed them), these iconic landmarks have far exceeded their original function and have plenty of tales to tell. If you have a passion for telecommunication and architecture, then K2 to K6: A History of the Telephone Box might just be the right tour for you!


Banksy. Credit: Navann Ty.

From humble beginnings to international fame, red telephone boxes have come a long way from their original purpose. Once a symbol of modernity and utilitarian design, these London emblems have been ‘rebranded’ and repurposed into satellite libraries, cash machines and even shower cubicles. Not only tracing the story behind their iconic design, this this will also juxtapose still functioning telephone boxes with the buildings and monuments they are facing today.

Originally conceived as a collaboration with ICR and now led independently, this walk was launched during the London Festival of Architecture 2014. Featuring plenty of photo opportunities, we guarantee that by the end of the tour you will know how to tell K2 and K6 models apart and graduate summa cum laude from the University of Telephone Box Studies!


A bunch of telephone box-themed baubles seen in Harrods’ Xmas shop.


For a little taster of the tour, let the following quotes and mentions entice you to join the walk some time soon. (Click on the titles of the features to be taken to the whole article.)

‘I was lucky to join Yannick on a tour around Mayfair and the West End discovering the history of this icon. […] So look out for these trademarks of London (I guarantee you will feel like you’re seeing them everywhere now) and [after the tour] you’re armed with some solid geeky London knowledge.’ – @look_uplondon

The walk also received great feedback from @MarDixon and @FranPickering on Twitter.


‘When I went on my London Festival of Architecture Telephone Box Tour, hosted by Yannick Pucci, a guide that I would highly recommend, I was pleasantly surprised with the hidden architectural works all around the Piccadilly and Covent Garden area. The tour was very educational and intriguing.’ – Julia Patterson


Students graduating with merits from the University of Telephone Box Studies.

 Tour Details


Burlington House.

This tour is aimed at seasoned Londoners as well as tourists who are looking to explore the West End from a different angle. A perfect gift for design aficionados and telecommunication geeks, this walk can also be booked as a private tour for corporate functions, birthdays or any other special occasions.

Conveniently located in between by Piccadilly Circus Tube Station and Green Park Tube Station, the meeting point for the tour is in the courtyard of Burlington House (see map below). Home to the Royal Academy of Arts and the learned societies, this small ‘piazza’ can get very busy at times and the group shall assemble around the statue of Sir Joshua Reynolds. Lasting two hours, the walk will finish close by the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

The tour costs £8 (regular) / £7 (students and seniors) per person and tickets are available for purchase on Eventbrite. All pricings for private group tours are available upon request.


If you have any more questions about the walk or would like to organise a private tour, do not hesitate to get in touch with me either via my Contact Page or send me an email directly to: yannick.pucci[at] You can also find me on Twitter where I’m always up for a chat too.

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