London Features

From time to time, I’m asked to share my insider knowledge about London and contribute to articles about our vibrant metropolis. Find here below some samples of my writing work.

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The Townhouse Window Café.

London is a town filled with secrets. As a tour guide, it’s always difficult to pick the city’s biggest secret – the pressure! the stress! – so instead I’ve decided to share one of my recent discoveries with you. Pop into the basement kitchen of the Town House, a shop turned art gallery, where you will find Spitalfields’ most atmospheric café. Offering a delicious array of homemade cakes (go for the lemon cream-filled pastries), this is a wonderful space for a ‘homey’ catch-up!


Greta Garbo at the National Gallery.

While many people visit the National Gallery to see the Old Masters, don’t miss out on having a closer look at Boris Anrep’s stunning mosaics inside the Portico Entrance. Laid out between 1928 and 1933, one of the Russian-born artist’s allegorical designs represents ‘The Awakening of the Muses’ and visitors can spot the figures of Greta Garbo, Virginia Woolf and Diana Mitford.


St. George’s Garden, Bloomsbury.

A former burial ground, St. George’s Gardens is one of Bloomsbury’s lesser-known parks and the many tombs and graves on display here betray its origins. A beautiful terracotta statue of Euterpe, the classical muse of instrumental music, watches over a memorial obelisk while other ornaments abound. Just outside the Garden, visitors can find the Dairy Art Centre, a contemporary art gallery that only opened last year.


Cappuccino at the Rose Bakery.

Have you ever found yourself around Green Park and wondered where to go for a nice cup of tea when you can’t afford the Ritz? Wonder no more and head inside Dover Street Market – don’t let the security guards intimidate you and take the elevator right up to the 4th floor – where the London offshoot of Paris’ Rose Bakery awaits you. Of minimalistic decor, this no-frills tearoom offers a small selection of fresh lunches, cakes (try the the legendary carrot cake) as well as organic teas. Sandwiched in between fashionistas and creative types, the café makes for great people watching and you might even find yourself sitting next to Rose Carrarini, chef-owner and cookbook author, herself.


Ceramic figurines at the V&A.

Situated on the sixth floor of the museum, the Ceramic Galleries span a whole wing of the V&A Museum – prime real estate in the museum world – and yet they are one of London’s most under appreciated gems. (Hands up, who’s been up there? Oh yes, I can see one hand there at the back.) You will often find yourself to be the only visitor – both a pleasant and eerie feeling, in my book, but I digress – in these eleven thematic rooms filled to the brim with delights, from figurines to teapots and sculptures. Set up as a storage facility as well as an exhibition space, nothing prepares you for the volume of objects on show and the whole floor can be quite Stendhal syndrome-inducing … (

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