About Yannick

*** Find my new website here: www.londonartdecotours.com ***

profileMy name is Yannick Pucci and I’m an independent tour guide living in London. Madly in love with my adopted hometown, I’ve decided to run my own walking tours under the name of London Unravelled.

An expat from Luxembourg, I grew up in Esch-sur-Alzette, a small mining town in the south of the country. With a passion for the written word, I took a shine to modern languages in high school and later on moved to London in order to finish my English Literature degree.

From its many monuments to free museums, I’ve been exploring the streets of my host city ever since the first day I arrived. While I was supposed to stay only for one year, I made my move permanent and I have now been calling London home for over eight years.

Since 2009, I’ve been volunteering at the British Museum as a tour guide and my team-building efforts have been highly commended in the London Volunteers in Museum Awards 2011, in the category ‘Going the Extra Mile’. (To learn more about my volunteering work, check out my ‘British Museum‘ page.)


Climbing to the top of the O2 with fellow London explorers Sue and Nika.

After giving the Japan EyeOpener Tour for over two years, I decided to set myself up as an independent guide and I’ve been developing my portfolio of original walks ever since. From telephone boxes to secret gardens, my tours always seek out the unusual and the unexpected.


Santa Maria del Salute, Venice, 2013.

In my free time, I like visiting contemporary art galleries as well as testing out the capital’s latest afternoon tea offerings. (London is never short of activities and the fear of missing out always looms in the background.) From time to time, I also enjoy a spot of international travel. While Paris is a close favourite of mine, my heart firmly belongs to Venice and I must admit I am slightly obsessed with La Serenissima and the many charms she offers to her suitors.

You can follow my adventures on this website as well as on Twitter (@ypldn) where I’m always up for a chat and regularly post pictures of the things I encounter in London. (From time to time, I am prone to post an ‘artistic’ selfie of mine, so consider yourself warned! :))


Artistic selfie taken at Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, 2014.

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