Matcha Green Tea Press #4

Why Waste Annual Leave?

My ‘Matcha Green Tea‘ tour has recently been featured on ‘Why Waste Annual Leave?‘.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 19.40.28

Find below a short quote from Shikha and click on the picture to read the whole review.

‘As I am increasingly learning on Yannick’s food tours, you take home a lot more than calories, as you are almost guaranteed to step back on the underground wondering how on earth you could have walked these streets so many times over the years without even a morsel of the knowledge that he seems to possess about them. […] And, as a signature aspect of Yannick’s tours, we were led to undiscovered corners of the city that prove estuaries of calm exist even in the core of a heaving metropolis.’ – @WWannualleave

Find out more information about the tour on my ‘Matcha Green Tea‘ page.

Yannick Pucci is an independent tour guide and founder of London Unravelled. All his public walks can be found on EventBrite and you can also follow his adventures on Twitter.

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