Macarons & Mews Press #9

Social. Write. Travel. Play

My ‘Macarons & Mews‘ tour has recently been featured on ‘Social. Write. Travel. Play‘.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 22.30.00Find below a short quote from Kara and click on the picture to read the whole review.

‘It doesn’t take you long into the tour to realise you have entered into a day of tough decisions. How’s a girl to decide which macaron to eat when the array of flavours is so diverse and inviting? […] Even after living in London for nearly 5 years, and spending a lot of time in the central city, Yannick showed off wonderful places I’d never come across before. Quiet escapes from the busy streets and those mad sights you only see in London and are never the same twice.’ – @KSegedin

Find out more information about the tour on my ‘Macarons & Mews‘ page.

Yannick Pucci is an independent tour guide and founder of London Unravelled. All his public walks can be found on EventBrite and you can also follow his adventures on Twitter.


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