Sunday Sights

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Every Sunday I’m posting a photograph of an iconic building, location or view in London. As a tour guide, I take great pleasure in showing these world famous sights to visitors and this weekly blog series will serve as a virtual extension of my guided walks.

britishmuseumlionToday I’d like to introduce you to one of the lions flanking the North Entrance of the British Museum. Dating back to 1909, these two statues was made by the British sculptor George Frampton in order to accompany Sir John Burnett’s design for the Edward VII galleries (1914). Wouldn’t it just be fun if this lion started singing, ‘Awimbawe’?

Fun fact: Did you know George Frampton is also responsible for creating the Edith Cavell Memorial opposite the National Portrait Gallery?

Yannick Pucci is an independent tour guide and founder of London Unravelled. All his public walks can be found on EventBrite and you can also follow his adventures on Twitter.

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